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Remember When – Sept. 16, 2023

125 Years Ago: From the Sept. 22, 1898 Scott County Argus

Of the 88 papers written by Shakopee High school pupils last spring, in the State examinations, all but 13 passed. Nine of the 13 were written by pupils of the 7th grade, and the other four were from the class in English composition. The examination in this branch, Prof. McBee informs us, was so difficult that failures were the rule all over the state. In any event the result of the work done in the school as evidenced by the returns from the state examining board is highly creditable to both teachers and pupils.

100 Years Ago: From the Sept. 20, 1923 Shakopee Tribune

Telephone Office to Open Sunday

The new Tri-State Toll Office will open for business next Sunday, September 23, at 7 A. M. at their office on the second floor of the M. J. Berens store building.

The work of arranging the rooms and installing boards and other fixtures has been under way for several months and at present the office is completely equipped and will be ready for operation Sunday morning. The toll work for the southern part of the state will be taken care of at this office instead of being handled in the offices of the twin cities.

Miss Rutherford of St. Paul is in charge of the office and is engaged this week in giving instructions to eight local ladies who will be employed there. However these ladies will not have charge of the boards until thoroughly competent. Eight experienced operators will arrive from the twin cities and will begin work Sunday morning.

About thirty or forty men will be at work Saturday in cutting and connecting wires to have everything in readiness for the opening of the new office.

75 Years Ago: From the Sept. 16, 1948 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Shakopee Park Setting for NCA Pictographs

National Coaches association, nationwide organization of college and high school athletic coaches, began work here Saturday morning on a series of baseball photographs.

Dica Siebert, University of Minnesota baseball coach and Shakopee first baseman, is directing the work for the coaches association. In addition to the Shakopee picture, Siebert said that more pictures for the series will be made at the University. From the photographs slides will be made, sets of which will be available to all coaches of colleges and high schools in the United States for use in demonstrating the fundamentals of the national game.

Local players in Shakopee uniforms backgrounded against the Riverside playing field were photographed here, and Siebert said the set of slides to be made would be known as Shakopee, U.S.A., representative of baseball-minded towns the nation over.

Siebert was delegated by the national body to compile the series, an appointment which indicates the respect with which the popular first basemen is regarded in the athletic world.

50 Years Ago: From the Sept. 19, 1973 Shakopee Valley News

Courthouse construction should start in February

A representative of Fasch, Erickson, Madson, Inc., architects of a new courthouse recently approved by county voters, appeared at Tuesday’s County Board of Commissioners and indicated that construction of the building is scheduled to begin in early February and conclude in early April, 1975.

Donald M. Erickson told the County Board that his firm is now ready to begin work on the interior designs for the new building. All plans for the structure should be drawn up by the end of December, he said, with bids for construction to be taken during the month of January.

Erickson told the County Board that the 14-month projected completion date is a rough estimate, and that it is possible that the building could be completed in 12 months or less.

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