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Remember When – Oct. 30, 2021

A look back at what happened in Shakopee history. You may also find this column in the Shakopee Valley News.

100 Years Ago: From the Nov. 3, 1921 Shakopee Tribune

Shakopee In Line For New Band

Joe Schmitz is arranging to develop a band for the City of Shakopee made up of Home men and boys and he would like to have all who play and have instruments to bring them to the first meeting, which will be held in the office of the St. Paul Hotel at 8 p. m. next Monday evening, Nov. 7.

Mr. Schmitz is very anxious to get this good work started in a big way next Monday evening, so whether you play or not, if you think you can play and would like to become a member of the band attend this meeting.

75 Years Ago: From the Oct. 31, 1946 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Shakopee on List for New P. O. Building

That Shakopee is in line for a new 193,000 post office building was reported by Associated press in a story released Sunday.

The proposed structure is one of more than 100 on the list prepared by the postoffice department naming eligible Minnesota communities in which new postoffices are to be constructed “when and if congress sees fit to authorize funds for a new building program,” the AP story revealed.

To qualify a community must have at least $10,000 in annual postal receipts and must be in need of improved facilities. The present flat, based on 1944 fiscal year receipts, is expected to be reviewed on the basis of 1945 receipts…

50 Years Ago: From the Nov. 3, 1971 Shakopee Valley News

Meeting with State Highway Officials Hailed as Success

Parking Ban on First Avenue Proposed…

Shakopee’s City Council Chamber was packed with an overflow crowd of citizens Tuesday night as councilmen met with representatives of the State Highway Department in an effort to solve the growing traffic and safety problems on First Avenue.

Councilmen heard both good news and bad from the State Highway people, but the overriding feeling among most attending the meeting was that it had been constructive and that progress had been made.

Council President Walter Harbeck, who was instrumental in arranging the meeting with the Highway Department representatives, hailed the meeting as one in which “more progress was made than any meeting since I’ve been on the council.”

Among the concessions granted the council by the Highway Department were: 1. A signal light at First and Naumkeag to be installed during the summer of 1972. 2. More visible crosswalk … and painted signs on the road surface cautioning drivers of pedestrian crossings. 3. A uniform 30 mph speed limit from the area of the Dairy Queen in west Shakopee to Naumkeag Street. 4. Promise of timing the traffic lights through the town so that traffic will flow smoothly but that regular breaks in the traffic will occur allowing access from main streets…

25 Years Ago: From the Oct. 31, 1996 Shakopee Valley News

Care facility open house is Saturday

St. Gertrude’s Health Center, a long-term and transitional-care facility in the SouthValley health Campus in Shakopee, will open its doors to patients on Sunday. Grand opening ceremonies for the new facility will be held on Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m….

Remember When

Remember When – Oct. 23, 2021

A look back at what happened in Shakopee history. You may also find this column in the Shakopee Valley News.

100 Years Ago: From the Oct. 27, 1921 Shakopee Tribune

John B. Ries left last Thursday to attend the Bottlers’ convention which is being held this week in St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. Will Ries left Monday for St. Louis. Mr. Ries will also attend the convention and Mrs. Ries will visit relatives. They expect to be gone a week and all will return together.

75 Years Ago: From the Oct. 24, 1946 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Industries Consider Shakopee

The possibility that two more industries may select Shakopee as the site for their enterprises was authoritatively disclosed this week when it was learned a paint manufacturing company and a food by-product plant were seeking desirable locations here.

Employing 200 persons the paint firm will require approximately 20,000 square feet of floor space, preferably on one floor or a ground floor and sub-area.

The other industry a new venture now being organized, is in need of 3000 square feet to house its equipment and offices. Representatives of the firm said it was a small industry and because it is not new to operation the number of employees was not stated.

Officials of both companies have made numerous trips to Shakopee, it is learned, but have insisted their names and the names of the companies they represent be kept in confidence. Despite the difficulty of finding exactly the type of structures to meet their needs the men remain hopeful the problem will be solved and that before long they can definitely announce their coming to Shakopee.

50 Years Ago: From the Oct. 27, 1971 Shakopee Valley News

Consolidation Complete

The marriage of the original city of Shakopee with the northern half of Eagle Creek Township to form a new greatly enlarged city of Shakopee was consummated at 8:15 Tuesday night when recently elected aldermen and mayor took the oath of office.

In presiding over the ceremony, City Attorney Julius Coller called it “a historic council meeting” in that it was the first council elected to serve the new city of Shakopee.

Actually the only change between the previous Shakopee Council and the present body is the presence of a representative from the newly merged area, George Roberts, and the absence of veteran Shakopee councilman Christie Rein…

25 Years Ago: From the Oct. 24, 1996 Shakopee Valley News

Leek named community development director

R. Michael Leek, a planner for the city of Shakopee, was appointed community development director by the City Council Oct. 15.

Leek, who has been acting community development director since the resignation of Paul Bilotta on Aug. 14, was recommended for the job by City Administrator Mark McNeill. The city received 14 applications for the job, and four were interviewed by staff and outside professionals…

The council, which unanimously approve the appointment, also vote to direct staff to advertise to fill Leek’s planner II job.

Remember When

Remember When – Oct. 16, 2021

A look back at what happened in Shakopee history. You may also find this column in the Shakopee Valley News.

125 Years Ago: From the Oct. 22, 1896 Scott County Argus

The great trees which have served to beautify the old How residence for so many years have suffered from the rigors of winter and the drouths of summer and at last show signs of decay. Dr. H. P. Fischer has had them trimmed severely with the hope that they may be saved for some years yet.

100 Years Ago: From the Oct. 20, 1921 Shakopee Tribune

Ed Waldo of St. Paul has put in a barber shop in the Southworth building, which will be open for business in a few days.

75 Years Ago: From the Oct. 17, 1946 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

School Plans Presented to State Board

Preliminary Sketches for Shakopee’s New School Await Department OK

That preliminary plans for Shakopee’s proposed new school are gradually taking shape was disclosed this week when it was learned that the architectural firm of Long and Thorshov, Minneapolis engaged by the school board several months ago, has placed the first sketches before the state department of education.

Following approval of the state department the preliminary plans will be submitted jointly to the board of education and the 20-man committee of the Shakopee Commercial club selected to work with the board in solving Shakopee’s school problem.

There was no indication as to how soon the plans would be ready for presentation to the local group, but Superintendent Al N. Wurst expressed confidence that there would be little delay.

First sketches, it was learned, are based on the needs as determined by the superintendent, the school directors and the Commercial club committee, and provide for the utilization of the present auditorium.

50 Years Ago: From the Oct. 20, 1971 Shakopee Valley News

$1 Million Judicial Building Proposed at Present Location

Plan Strongly Opposed…

Determination of a site and use for a proposed county building was delayed until next Tuesday by Scott County Commissioners, so that First District and County Judges can be consulted and give recommendations.

At Tuesday’s board meeting, architects gave cost figures and presented sketches on the most recent proposal for a solution to the county’s space problems…a judicial building on the present courthouse site constructed in front of the present courthouse building.

That proposal, which is apparently favored by County Board chairman William Koniarski and Commissioner Tony Worm, along with the strong possibility of support by Commissioner Marvin Oldenberg, met with some stiff opposition from Shakopee Mayor Ray Foslid and Commissioners George Mingo and Vern Lang.

They all contended Tuesday that to build a judicial building on the present courthouse site would be a shortsighted move by the county board in view of recent projection of a 65,000 Scott County population concentrated in the northern part of the county by 1985, and resident traffic and parking problems…

25 Years Ago: From the Oct. 17, 1996 Shakopee Valley News

County OKs incentives for ADC firm

Scott County commissioners Tuesday unanimously approved a plan in which the county would join a financial incentive plan with the city of Shakopee and a state agency to entice a large telecommunications firm to move to Shakopee.

The County Board last week tabled the proposal at the request of County Attorney Tom Harbinson, who asked that his office be given time to study the plan’s legalities.

On Tuesday, he told the board he foresees no legal problems with the plan to help ADC Telecommunications Inc., Bloomington, move some of its operations to Shakopee with more than 570 jobs. The company recently purchased property at Valley Green Business Park for the production facility, which it said would be 280,000 square feet and cost about $24 million…

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Remember When – Oct. 9, 2021

A look back at what happened in Shakopee history. You may also find this column in the Shakopee Valley News.

125 Years Ago: From the Oct. 15, 1896 Scott County Argus

Street overseer Sarasen’s gang of street laborers has been discharged after building five blocks of road on Second and Holmes streets that will outlive the builders. There is little that can be said against their work, and almost everything for it. There are no more mudholes or stretches of yielding sand there.

100 Years Ago: From the Oct. 13, 1921 Shakopee Tribune

New General Store To Be Opened Here

An important business transaction of the past week was the leasing of the first floor store in the Southworth building, which has been occupied by Fred Johnson, to Sam Ferdman of St. Paul.

Mr. Ferdman will open a General Clothing and Dry Goods store about November first.

The lease was made by W. N. Southworth, owner of the building for a term of five years.

75 Years Ago: From the Oct. 10, 1946 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Shakopee GI Starts German Youth Project

National Magazine Cites Denazification Work in Current Publication

How a Shakopee soldier, Sgt. Patrick J. Moriarty, is aiding in the denazification of German youth is graphically told in the October 7 issue of Time under the title “Democracy at Work.”

“Pat” is stationed at Bremen and it was there that his seeing hungry, backward and scared kids picking up cigarette butts inspired him and nine other GI’s to organize a German youth club which now has nearly 120 members—all boys from 10 to 17 years and selected from nearly 7,000 applicants.

The organization is known as the Bremen Boys club, and is run entirely by its members, the 10 GI’s serving as counselors. Its basic principles are the four freedoms. No racial discrimination is permitted; talk of concentration camps is banned…

50 Years Ago: From the Oct. 13, 1971 Shakopee Valley News

Southwest Eagle Creek Township Residents Petition to Be Annexed to City of Shakopee

Another twist in the often confusing but always interesting process of changing borders in northern Scott County was presented Tuesday evening at the Shakopee Council meeting.

Harry Weinandt, a resident of the part of Eagle Creek Township not ordered consolidated with Shakopee, appeared before the Council to present a petition of almost all the residents of the 4 ½ sections in western part of Eagle Creek Township asking that the area be annexed to Shakopee.

Weinandt said that the petition carried 86 names, and that the only resident of the area requesting annexation to Shakopee who wouldn’t sign was one 82-year-old man who apparently has had his fill of petitions. “He said he wouldn’t sign another damn paper on anything for anybody,” Weinandt related…

25 Years Ago: From the Oct. 10, 1996 Shakopee Valley News

Zoning change for city shopping center gets OK

The effect of the Shakopee Bypass, which is scheduled to open next month, continues in Shakopee as the City Council on Oct. 1 approved a zoning change to allow for a retail center off of Marschall Road.

The council approved a request by Midwest Commercial Development to rezone a 26-acre site on the southwest corner of Vierling Drive and Marshall Road from agricultural preservation to highway business.

Plans show a large center parking area surrounded by retail outlets, including a 30,000-square-foot food market and a 25,000-square-foot home improvement store, and a bank, a number of smaller retail stores, restaurants and fast-food places.

The firm is in the process of seeking a conditional-use permit from the city Board of Adjustment and Appeals…

Remember When

Remember When – Oct. 2, 2021

A look back at what happened in Shakopee history. You may also find this column in the Shakopee Valley News.

125 Years Ago: From the Oct. 8, 1896 Scott County Argus

A gold watch lost by Val Reis Sr. 24 years ago while tapping trees was found by Frank Huber in his woods last week. It is unharmed except that the works are rusted.

100 Years Ago: From the Oct. 6, 1921 Shakopee Tribune

Reformatory Bids Opened

More than twenty firms bid Tuesday for the general contract for the construction of a woman’s cottage and a barn to be built at the State Reformatory for Women at Shakopee. The bids were opened late Tuesday.

The J. B. Nelson Construction company of Mankato was low for the general bid at $29,774. P. J. Gallagher of Faribault, heating, $4,756. M. J. O’Neil of St. Paul, plumbing, $4,839, and P. J. Gallagher for the barn at $414. H. A. Brown & Sons of Waseca were low on electrical work with $2,390.43 for the cottage and $387.70 for the barn.

75 Years Ago: From the Oct. 3, 1946 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Storm Disrupts Electric Service

When the Northern States Power company highline was struck by a heavy bolt of lightning during a freak electrical storm at 4:30 last Thursday afternoon, Shakopee’s electric service was disrupted for more than an hour.

A power company transformer in the municipal power station was set afire and a 46-inch fuse on the 96,000 volt transmission line at the huge transformers north of the city as blown when the tremendous overload surged through the line.

What might have been a devastating fire was prevented when R. C. Condon, city electrician went to the power house to determine if the power failure had resulted from damage to the city distribution equipment. He immediately discovered the burning Northern States transformer on a 1,000 volt line in the building. After cutting the line he applied a fire extinguisher and halted the blaze…

50 Years Ago: From the Oct. 6, 1971 Shakopee Valley News

Board Accused of Undermining County Administrator Position

Scott County Commissioner Vernon Lang threw a sharp barb at the board of commissioners during its Thursday session, charging that the position of county administrator is being undermined by board actions which bypass him…

25 Years Ago: From the Oct. 3, 1996 Shakopee Valley News

Financial plan to lure firm gets OK

A financing plan that would invoke the city of Shakopee, Scott County, and the state, and provide a Minneapolis telecommunications firm with up to $1.5 million in financial assistance through property tax rebates to move here with 570 jobs, was approved by the Shakopee City Council Tuesday night.

Under the plan, similar to tax increment financing but different because the county would be a direct financial participant, ADC Telecommunications would move some of its operations from Bloomington to the city.

Scott County commissioners, meeting as a Committee of the Whole Tuesday, appeared favorable to the plan and are expected to formally consider the matter next Tuesday morning…