Remember When

Remember When – July 13, 2024

150 Years Ago: From the July 16, 1874 Shakopee Argus

Mr. Orrin F. Hall, General Agent for the Grand Consolidation Circus, Menagerie and Museum, is now in town making arrangements for an exhibition of its wonders and feats of horsemanship and dexterity. The performers are represented as first-class and let those who desire to have a little recreation and enjoy a hearty laugh, be on hand to attend the show on Friday, the 24th. Look out for the grand Street Parade at 10 o’clock a. m.

125 Years Ago: From the July 13, 1899 Scott County Argus

The carpenters are getting the timbers and first floor of the new Hinds block into place, and all will be ready for the bricklayers to commence work there as soon as they finish that part of the construction of the Flaherty & Lies block.

125 Years Ago: From the July 14, 1899 Shakopee Tribune

Mr. and Mrs. John Strattman have returned from Germany and will again make their abode in our midst. John says America is good enough for him.

100 Years Ago: From the July 18, 1924 Shakopee Argus

Last week B. J. Jansen purchased of W. F. Schoch a four passenger Hubmobile coupe which he presented to Mrs. Jansen for a birthday gift.

100 Years Ago: From the July 17, 1924 Shakopee Tribune

Local People Fly in Dispatch Aeroplane

A five-passenger aeroplane, the largest in the Northwest, belonging to the Dispatch Flying Circus of St. Paul, arrived in this city Sunday morning and alighted on the Jaenicke farm, a short distance from Shakopee.

Several people of this vicinity went to the scene and some took ten-minute rides in the aeroplane. They were taken above the city and given a few minutes ride which was a continuation of thrills.

75 Years Ago: From the July 14, 1949 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Jail, Sheriff’s Residence Topic

Another step toward the eventual construction of a new Scott county jail and sheriff’s residence is expected to be taken Monday when the Board of County Commissioners meets with architects and A. X. Schall, state inspector of jails and lockups.

The Monday session, it was learned, may result in employing an architect to draft construction plans in conformity with recommendations to be provided by the state inspector.

State agents on several occasions in the past, have urged modernizing of the jail facilities and declared the present institutions inadequate. Early this year the Board took cognizance of the situation and adopted a resolution setting up the machinery to make a thorough study of the problem.

Following the drawing of plans and their approval, cost estimates will be made and then will come the calling of bids for construction, it was explained.

75 Years Ago: From the July 14, 1949 Shakopee Valley News

Firemen Called

Firemen were called to the rear of the Standard Service station on Holmes street shortly after noon Tuesday to extinguish a smoldering dump fire on the river bank.

50 Years Ago: From the July 17, 1974 Shakopee Valley News

Reserve unit working at local radio station

Five army reservists, members of the Psychological Operations Battalion, A Company, out of Fort Snelling, spent their two weeks of training at Radio Station KSMM in Shakopee.

The five reservists were at the station for a two week period seven days a week, working in the music library, news room, filing and taking part in some commercial activity. Two of the men were occasionally on the air.

25 Years Ago: From the July 15, 1999 Shakopee Valley News

Renovation of stadium OK’d

Baseball fans attending ballgames at Joe Schleper Stadium in Tahpah Park will see a full slate of improvements next summer now that the Shakopee City Council has approved spending more than $400,000 to refurbish the facility.

At its July 6 meeting, the City Council accepted Greystone Construction’s bid of $477,413 to construct a concession stand and bathrooms, a press box, a hard canopy over the grandstand and to enclose the space beneath the grandstand for equipment storage. The money to pay for the improvements will come from tax increment-financing (TIF) revenue ($380,000) and the city’s Park Reserve Fund ($97,413)…

Interested in local history? Find even more at the Shakopee Heritage Society website.

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Remember When

Remember When – July 6, 2024

150 Years Ago: From the July 9, 1874 Shakopee Argus

Thomas A. Holmes has sold his residence to Koerner the butcher. Mr. Holmes is now building a new house on the corner of Spencer and Fifth street.

125 Years Ago: From the July 6, 1899 Scott County Argus

The walls of the Flaherty & Lies block are now up to the second floor, and the carpenters will have finished the timber work and flooring within another day. Meantime the brick masons are putting in the lintels, two of which are forty feet in length, and the pillars. The ceiling will be fourteen feet high in the first story.

125 Years Ago: From the July 7, 1899 Shakopee Tribune

The steamboat Flora Clark made her first appearance on the Minnesota as far up as Shakopee last Sunday. Quite a large number of excursionists were on board, but owing to the lateness of their arrival they were given only about an hour to view our city and surroundings. Come again.

100 Years Ago: From the July 11, 1924 Shakopee Argus

The Shakopee American Legion Auxiliary No. 2 have received a handsome new unit banner, similar to the one owned by the Legion Post. The banner is a beautiful piece of workmanship, four and one third by five and one half feet in size of royal purple taffeta, lettered in gold and edges with silk fringe of gold color. A heavy gold cord and tassel form an elaborate decoration and the American Eagle in gold surmounts the standard. It is a beautiful specimen and the Auxiliary is justly proud of its new ensign. They are also exhilarated over the fact that they have increased their membership to one hundred members.

100 Years Ago: From the July 10, 1924 Shakopee Tribune

Miss Elizabeth K. and J. H. Ries were July 4th evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alois Schaefer of Jordan at their summer home on the shore of Prior Lake. About fifty guests were present from the Twin Cities and Jordan. A feature of the evening’s entertainment was the burning and sinking of Mr. Schaefer’s gasoline launch “Pirate” which had finished its days of usefulness. The launch had been loaded with fireworks of all kinds and as the blaze ignited each fuse, the resulting fireworks presented a spectacular scene.

75 Years Ago: From the July 7, 1949 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Second Election on School Bond Set

Because there will yet be time to take advantage of the construction bids submitted June 13 in the event voters agree with the School Board and conclude that building of new public school facilities is necessary right now, the Board of Education of Independent School District No. 1 has called another special election on a $140,000 supplement bond issue for July 15…

75 Years Ago: From the July 7, 1949 Shakopee Valley News

Swim Program Now Underway

Assistance of local women to serve as chaperones for the daily swimming classes was asked this week by Al Wurst, superintendent of schools.

Over 300 local youngsters are receiving swimming lessons each day at Spring Lake through a recreational program sponsored by the Board of Education, the city of Shakopee, and the Red Cross…

Instructors conducting the program are two local men, Art Hoen and Robert Gray. Both are qualified Red Cross instructors. The program continues each day, Monday through Friday.

50 Years Ago: From the July 10, 1974 Shakopee Valley News

St. Francis home to close as of Sept. 1

The 34 bed, board and care facility, St. Francis Home, will be phased out as of September 1, 1974, according to Sister Agnes, Administrator of St. Francis Hospital and Home in Shakopee…

The facility which housed the board and care residents is 110 years old.

The home built by the Benedictine Sisters, became the property of St. Mark’s parish and then was turned over to Scott County who operated it as the “poor house.”

Not satisfied with the care these people received, concerned people in Shakopee asked the Sisters of St. Francis to care for these people with the dignity and respect each and every person deserves according to Sister Agnes. In 1938 the first Sisters began serving the community. Soon the building became the cradle of St. Francis Hospital.

25 Years Ago: From the July 8, 1999 Shakopee Valley News

Scott County jail needs resurface

The deficiencies of the Scott County Jail is a topic most county commissioners are well aware of but don’t want to talk about, a political hot potato with a fiscal and political price tag that could affect a re-election bid more than a year away.

Last week, during a County Board workshop on the county’s 2000 budget, Commissioner Ed Mackie of Savage said he believes the time has come for commissioners to begin “talking seriously about we’re going to do about the jail.” Because it has budget implications, Mackie offered the topic as one of the board’s possible goals for 2000…

Since 1987, the Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC) – the licensing authority for all public and private jails in the state – has been pushing the county to make improvements to keep the jail, built in 1957, at or above state standards…

Interested in local history? Find even more at the Shakopee Heritage Society website.

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Flooding June 2014

History repeats itself — sort of. June 2014 brought flooding of its own, including portions of Vierling Drive and Huber Park flooded.

While not as high as the recent flood of June 2024, the June 2014 flood saw some new areas flooded. Below are a few of the photos captured that year.

Remember When

Remember When – June 29, 2024

150 Years Ago: From the July 2, 1874 Shakopee Argus

The engine, boiler and machinery for the Shakopee Steam Flouring Mill has arrived and been delivered on the ground ready to be put in their places.

125 Years Ago: From the June 29, 1899 Scott County Argus

A. J. Withey informs us that the high water has not damaged his sugar beet acreage, in the least thus far, and that the danger seems now removed. By hard work he managed to build up the old road above this plat into a dam, raising its height as fast as the water came up and thus keeping his sugar beet land from inundation. There is every prospect of a good yield and considerable profit from his venture into the new industry. Many others farther up the river lost their entire sugar beet crop, however, and Mr. Withey states that he last lost ten acres of corn.

125 Years Ago: From the June 30, 1899 Shakopee Tribune

Mike Berens adorned his confectionery by erecting a new awning this week.

100 Years Ago: From the July 4, 1924 Shakopee Argus

Peter Miller closed a deal Monday in which he sold his hotel and soft drink parlor to John McNabb of Minneapolis. The latter took charge of the business immediately. Mr. Miller and family moved to Orchard Gardens Wednesday where he has purchased a summer resort which he will open in the near future.

100 Years Ago: From the July 3, 1924 Shakopee Tribune

The fire department was called to the Leonard Bruns home last Monday morning to extinguish a small blaze on the roof of the house. The fire had evidently been caused by sparks from the chimney and was noticed before it gained much headway by a neighboring boy who notified Mrs. Bruns. The fire department was called immediately and extinguished the flame in a very short time. The neighbors also rendered aid that was greatly appreciated by quickly removing furniture from the house. The loss was estimated at $60 and was entirely covered by insurance.

75 Years Ago: From the June 30, 1949 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

License Granting Awaiting Opinion

Granting of Shakopee’s quota of five “on sale” liquor licenses was unexpectedly delayed Thursday night when all applications, except those of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars clubs, were tabled pending receipt of the attorney general’s opinion as to whether a member of the council can hold a liquor license…

75 Years Ago: From the June 30, 1949 Shakopee Valley News

City May Be Virtually Dry Friday As Council Tables Liquor Licenses

That Shakopee will be on a virtual “dry” status for over the bar sales of hard liquor seemed quite possible this week as renewals of no on-sale licenses have been approved except two club licenses.

On-sale liquor licenses for five retail establishments in Shakopee expire at midnight tonight. Unless Mayor Clarence Czaia convenes the common council for the purpose of granting permits tonight, sales will stop in Shakopee tomorrow.

Ony two license renewals thus far were for the American Legion club and the Veterans of Foreign Wars as their licenses were granted at a stormy session of the city council last Thursday night. Ten other applications for the five existing licenses were tabled…

50 Years Ago: From the July 3, 1974 Shakopee Valley News

City gets first look at second shopping center proposals

Shopping centers took up the bulk of the Shakopee city council committee meeting Tuesday night.

Councilmen rehashed problems of annexation and jurisdiction on the west end center, Minnesota Valley Mall; and had their first formal look at preliminary plans for a second center to be built on south Co. Rd. 17…

The proposal for the second center seemed to present far less problems according to the preliminary proposals aired Tuesday night.

Scottland, a major land owner and developer in Scott County, appeared before the city planning commission last week with plans for a new 150,000 square foot community center to be located on Co. Rd. 17 and proposed 13th Ave…

25 Years Ago: From the July 1, 1999 Shakopee Valley News

In a year, district population up by 14.5%

The latest population estimate for the Shakopee School District reflects a hefty 14.5 percent increase over 1998 figures.

The Shakopee School Board on Monday certified a 1999 population estimate of 20,431 for the district, a jump of nearly 2,600 over last year’s estimate of 17,835. Annual population gains in years past have been much smaller ranging from 0.06 percent in 1993-94 to approximately 5.3 percent in 1997-98…

Interested in local history? Find even more at the Shakopee Heritage Society website.

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Remember When

Remember When – June 22, 2024

150 Years Ago: From the June 25, 1874 Shakopee Argus

Standing grass for sale by the ton by Henry Hinds.

125 Years Ago: From the June 22, 1899 Scott County Argus

There is no mistaking the fact that the river is enjoying what the old settlers call “the June rise.” Continued rains have swollen the waters until they have overflowed the banks in many places, and considerable damage will result to the bottom land crops. Today the water is over the trestle road for a distance of three blocks, although travel is thus far not impeded. Mr. Withey’s sugar beet land is submerged, and it looks as though his enterprise would be nipped in the bud this year.

125 Years Ago: From the June 23, 1899 Shakopee Tribune

The interior of Math Huth’s saloon is this week being beautified by new paper and paint. P. Paul is doing the work. A new and highly finished bar will also be an important factor in the new improvements.

100 Years Ago: From the June 27, 1924 Shakopee Argus

Peter Plouman had the misfortune of having two of his cows struck by lightning last Sunday afternoon. The animals were valued at about one hundred dollars each, but the entire loss was covered by insurance.

100 Years Ago: From the June 26, 1924 Shakopee Tribune

Theodore Weiland is Winner in Skat Tourney

Theodore Weiland was the winner of the third prize at the 27th annual skat tournament of the North American Skat League which was held at the St. Paul Auditorium the latter part of last week. He won Clubs Solo against 9 Matadores, 120 points scoring 365 points and was awarded $250 as a prize.

75 Years Ago: From the June 23, 1949 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

New Signals in Operation at Crossings

The new automatic signals to control the traffic at the Fuller, Holmes and Lewis streets crossings of the Omaha railway line on Second street are now in operation.

Clanging bells, blinking red lights and a “Stop” sign all go into play when a train is approaching any of the crossings protected by the signals.

In accordance with the state Railroad and Warehouse commission order requiring the rail firm to install the signals nine other crossings are to be closed to traffic. Those which will eventually be abandoned are at Pierce and Shumway streets in West Shakopee, and at Spencer, Fillmore, Main, Dakota, Market, Prairie and Naumkeag streets in East Shakopee…

75 Years Ago: From the June 23, 1949 Shakopee Valley News

Mayor Retains License Power

Licenses in Shakopee continue to be signed by the Mayor, it was decided by the common council at an adjourned meeting Tuesday night.

A week ago, the council, by Resolution, directed that all liquor licenses be signed by the president of the council. This resolution was returned to the council Unsigned, by Mayor Clarence Czaia this week with a sizzling veto message attached…

50 Years Ago: From the June 26, 1974 Shakopee Valley News

Renaissance Fair site finally set near Shakopee

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival will be held in Scott County this year on the Malkerson Ranch, four miles south of Shakopee on Highway 169.

Approval for the festival site was given by Scott County Board of Commissioners last Tuesday, June 10…

25 Years Ago: From the June 24, 1999 Shakopee Valley News

Shakopee movie theater purchase is completed

It will become 18-screen complex

A Milwaukee company announced Friday that it completed the purchase of Shakopee’s six-screen movie theater, and said it plans to add five screens and another seven at a later time, to eventually become an 18-screen complex.

Marcus Theatres Corp. also said the new screen additions will feature the popular stadium seating, and that the existing theater areas will be retrofitted with the same style seating over the next year.

Marcus Theatres completed the purchase of Shakopee Town Theatre from Guetschoff Theatre Management Corp. (GTI) for an undisclosed price. The purchase boosted the presence of Marcus in the Twin Cities area to 51 screens at six locations…

Interested in local history? Find even more at the Shakopee Heritage Society website.

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Remember When

Remember When – June 15, 2024

150 Years Ago: From the June 18, 1874 Shakopee Argus

It is reported that some scamp entered a house in East Shakopee, a few nights ago, and carried off some clothing. It is a poor thief that cannot steal money enough to buy new clothing with.

125 Years Ago: From the June 15, 1899 Scott County Argus

Martin Daugherty, late in the saloon business at New Progue, has bought a half interest in the saloon kept by Anton Ries in this city. Mr. Ries, it will be remembered, bought out Hubert Marx a month or more ago.

125 Years Ago: From the June 16, 1899 Shakopee Tribune

The Shakopee lime kilns are now running fuller than at any time during the past six years. The company are employing fourteen men and running both kilns at full capacity.

100 Years Ago: From the June 20, 1924 Shakopee Argus

The residence portion of the building occupied by John Heinen is being completely renovated and remodeled. Carpenters and plasterers have been busy for the past week removing and changing partitions until the entire lay of the upper floor has been changed.

100 Years Ago: From the June 19, 1924 Shakopee Tribune

P. G. Miller Changes Cafe into Restaurant

P. G. Miller has recently changed his cafe into a restaurant, and renovated the interior of his building on Second Street.

The room formerly used as a bar room is appropriately arranged for a dining room, containing several tables and a lunch counter. Private dining-rooms are arranged for use in the adjoining rooms.

Mr. Miller also improved the front of his place of business, giving it the appearance of a restaurant.

75 Years Ago: From the June 16, 1949 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Purchases House for New Funeral Home in Shakopee

Purchase of the Art Gelhaye property at the corner of Fourth and Lewis streets was announced this week by C. M. Cavanaugh who will use the large residence as a funeral home.

Mr. and Mrs. Gelhaye have purchased a small duplex at Chisago City where they will make their future home.

Cavanaugh said that minor remodelling work would get under way immediately and that he planned to have the new funeral home in readiness by July 1. First floor of the structure is to be utilized as a mortuary and casket display room. His present facilities on First street are to be converted to use as a part of his furniture store.

Second floor of the home, the owner said, will be an apartment for the Cavanaugh family. They plan to move in as soon as possible.

75 Years Ago: From the June 16, 1949 Shakopee Valley News

Special School Election To Decide On Bond Issue For New Building

Voters of Shakopee will decide on the erection of a new school building this year when they go to the polls at a special election Thursday, June 30.

At that time they will vote on a bond issue of $140,000 as the additional money needed to build and equip a new high school.

A previous bond election two years ago carried by a large majority, but the $300,000 approved at that time is not sufficient for the construction of the school…

50 Years Ago: From the June 19, 1974 Shakopee Valley News

Site work has started at the Minnesota Valley Mall shopping center complex on the west edge of the city. Al Holman of Watson Centers, developers of the project, said this week that leasing arrangements are still going well. The company has building permit applications at City Hall now and work on final working plans and specifications is progressing Holman said. Actual construction could begin later this month he added.

25 Years Ago: From the June 17, 1999 Shakopee Valley News

Meeting is set on plans for facility for girls

A proposal to bring a correctional facility for juvenile females to Shakopee will be discussed at a community information meeting next week.

The meeting will be Wednesday starting at 7 p.m. in the Community Center’s multipurpose room. Members of the public will have an opportunity to review plans and ask questions about the proposal. This will be the second meeting in Shakopee in which officials from the Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC) will explain the plan. Earlier this spring, the proposal was presented to community leaders.

The DOC is considering a joint program with Hennepin County to house up to 50 juvenile girls who have chronic legal issues including felony-level convictions. The proposal calls for a facility on 10 acres the state owns at the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Adams Street, across from the state correctional facility for adult women…

Interested in local history? Find even more at the Shakopee Heritage Society website.

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Remember When

Remember When – June 8, 2024

150 Years Ago: From the June 11, 1874 Shakopee Argus

During the past two weeks the farmers of this county have been marketing large quantities of wheat. Some days as much as sixteen hundred bushels have been delivered at the Elevator. During that time the price has ruled at $1.05, but to-day it is only $1.00 a bushel for No. 1.

125 Years Ago: From the June 8, 1899 Scott County Argus

Mrs. C. M. Nachtsheim is planning to move her millinery store into the Schott building, on Holmes street, about the first of next month.

125 Years Ago: From the June 9, 1899 Shakopee Tribune

The townships of Eagle Creek and Jackson are doing some very fine work with their new road grader. The town line between the above mentioned towns has been graded from the Shakopee line to the woods. There is a nice bicycle track on either side of the road. The work is a credit to its superintendents, Messrs. John O’Dowd and Dominic Majerus.

100 Years Ago: From the June 13, 1924 Shakopee Argus

Dr. A. C. Riemer, Chiropractic, will open an office in the location formerly occupied by the Southworth law firm, on June 16th. He will have an office at Chaska also, but intends to make this city his home and as soon as arrangements can be made for suitable living quarters will bring his mother here to live. Dr. Riemer is a graduate of the Midwest College of Chiropractic at Minneapolis, one of the largest schools of its kind in the northwest, and for the past three years has been connected with that school as an instructor and X-ray Laboratorian besides conducting a practice.

100 Years Ago: From the June 12, 1924 Shakopee Tribune

Otto Siems and Chas. Cassellius Lease Pavilion

The Scott County Agricultural Society leased the pavilion on the fair grounds to Otto Siems and Charles Cassellius. The lease period runs from May 29, 1924 to Dec. 31, 1924, excepting the three days during which the county fair is to be held, Aug. 28, 29 and 30…

75 Years Ago: From the June 9, 1949 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Sound System in Ball Park

A new and modern public address system was made a part of the Shakopee baseball plant this week when engineers completed the installation of the amplifying unit, microphone and four speakers.

Purchase of the system, which cost approximately $400, was made possible through the contributions of public spirited business places and citizens of Shakopee, solicited by Jim Covington, Commercial club president, and Jack Lill, ardent baseball fan…

75 Years Ago: From the June 9, 1949 Shakopee Valley News

To Crack Down On Garbage Dumpers

In an attempt to halt the practice of dumping refuse, rubbage, and garbage along county highways, the Board of Commissioners, at their regular meeting Tuesday, directed the sheriff and county attorney to prosecute vigorously any persons apprehended of the act. Commissioner reported that in addition to being a health nuisance, rubbage has been interfering with the work of county road crews.

50 Years Ago: From the June 12, 1974 Shakopee Valley News

School Board accepts new bleacher bids

The Shakopee school board accepted bids for new bleachers and a new roof at their meeting Monday evening.

Portable, wooden bleachers, seating approximately 530 people were accepted by the board with the low bid coming from Hauenstein & Burmeister Inc. of Minneapolis. The bleachers will be in addition to the ones now on the football field at the senior high…

25 Years Ago: From the June 10, 1999 Shakopee Valley News

Expansion of theater proposed

Sale, store relocation could bring up to 22 screens to city mall

If a host of things fall into place, Shakopee’s six-screen movie theater at the city’s lone mall could have a new owner and expand to 22 screens.

Mall owner Carlson Real Estate Co. is working on a proposal that would expand the theater and give a boost to the mall, which last year lost anchor County Market and is soon expected to lose Kmart, which plans to move to Marschall Road and Vierling Drive.

Under the proposal, theater owner GTI Theaters would sell out to Marcus Theater Corp. of Milwaukee, which last year bought several Twin Cities movie theaters. In addition to the existing theater’s 21,728 square feet, Marcus is interested in purchasing an additional 19,747 square feet of retail store space occupied by JoAnn Fabrics. That additional space would allow Marcus to expand the theater from six screens to 12. In a proposed second phase, Marcus might acquire 30,000 square feet of land used for parking behind the mall, which would eventually allow the theater to expand to as many as 22 screens. The new theaters would have stadium-style seating, and existing theaters would be retrofitted with stadium seating…

Interested in local history? Find even more at the Shakopee Heritage Society website.

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Remember When

Remember When – June 1, 2024

150 Years Ago: From the June 4, 1874 Shakopee Argus

H. H. Strunk & Son have just received a large stock of White Lime, Cement and Plastering Hair, and now offer it for sale at the lowest price.

125 Years Ago: From the June 1, 1899 Scott County Argus

Owing to the absence of City Recorder Schroeder at the commencement exercises of Gustavus Adolphus college at St. Peter, the publication of the council proceedings is deferred to next week. The most important business transacted was the appropriation of $300 to be used in fixing up the newly purchased park, which work is now being pushed. The fund will probably provide for clearing up the grounds, some grading, rip-rapping a landing for steamboats, a few settees and tables, and a dance floor. All of which will do very well for the first season’s work.

125 Years Ago: From the June 2, 1899 Shakopee Tribune

The storm on Tuesday night blowed down the gable ends in the new residence of Martin Lenzmeier. The roof not having been put on they were not supported sufficiently to resist the strong gale.

100 Years Ago: From the June 6, 1924 Shakopee Argus

When loading lumber Monday at the H. Simons yard Al Rachel had his right leg fractured in two places and sustained serious bruises when he attempted to stop his team from running away. The horses turned toward him, knocking him down, and the wagon passed over his legs below the knees. He was badly hurt and will be laid up at least three months it is reported.

100 Years Ago: From the June 5, 1924 Shakopee Tribune

Fred Ring informs us that he is working out a plan which will when perfected, give Shakopee a delivery service. Fred contemplates making deliveries for all of the grocery stores and stores having grocery departments, also both of the meat markets. He states that he will be ready to start this delivery service about the 15th of this month.

75 Years Ago: From the June 2, 1949 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Graves Stripped of Plantings at Valley Cemetery

Thievery, always a detestable act, sank to a new depth here the past week with the discovery that more than 20 plants and floral arrangements, set out for Memorial day, had been stolen from graves in Valley cemetery.

The thefts were discovered by Mrs. Laura Geisler, member of the cemetery board, when she was making an inspection of the grounds Thursday morning…

75 Years Ago: From the June 2, 1949 Shakopee Valley News

Weather Balloon Parachute And Instruments Found Six Miles East Of Shakopee Friday

Another weather balloon was found in Scott county last week as Jack Cameron discovered a parachute and box of weather instruments about 11 a. m. last Friday.

He phoned Wold-Chamberlain field and they reported that the balloon had been released at about 9 a. m. that morning. The instruments were found on a side road about six miles east of Shakopee near the Reis brothers farm…

50 Years Ago: From the June 5, 1974 Shakopee Valley News

Building started

It’s been a long time coming but ground was formally broken last week for the new Scott County Court House. The new $2.6 million structure will be built adjacent to the present courthouse in Shakopee. Addressing members of the County Board of Commissioners and other county officials before the ceremony, board chairman Bill Koniarski said he was grateful that years of work and planning for the new facility were finally going to pay off. Construction of the court house was expected to begin this week with completion about a year and half away.

25 Years Ago: From the June 3, 1999 Shakopee Valley News

Local residents will soon get new area code

Shakopee residents who have only known 612 as their area code will probably have to get used to three new numbers now that the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has affirmed an earlier decision to add two more area codes to the metro area next February.

The PUC revisited a decision it made in March and agreed that the west metro area was due two new area codes. According to the PUC, Richfield, Minneapolis and Fort Snelling will retain the 612 area code for the immediate future. The west metro, in a north-south split along Interstate Highway 394, will receive two new area codes.

To the north of I-394, the new area code is likely to be 952. Cities south of the interstate — like Shakopee, Savage, Prior Lake and Jordan – will receive a new area code that has yet to be determined, according to the PUC.

The reason for all the numerical uncertainty is the proliferation of cellular phones, dedicated Internet lines and fax lines. But the ability of customers to take their phone numbers with them when they change providers – “number portability” has supposedly reduced the need for new local phone numbers…

Interested in local history? Find even more at the Shakopee Heritage Society website.

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Remember When

Remember When – May 25, 2024

150 Years Ago: From the May 28, 1874 Shakopee Argus

The shade trees newly set out this spring are now looking in fine condition. During the past week about two hundred young evergreens have been planted in the Valley Cemetery.

125 Years Ago: From the May 25, 1899 Scott County Argus

Joseph Fischer is busy about town laying cement stone walks, and the improvements are in keeping with the general march of progress of the city. At the residence of Atty. E. Southworth a walk has been laid from the front gate to the main entrance and around to the rear. Jos A. Ring’s residence is also connected with Second street by a long and neatly laid walk of the blocks. At Mrs. Effie Vogel’s house on First street, occupied by Prof. A. L. McBee, there is a walk leading from the gate to the front porch. A sidewalk is now going in in front oi N. Heger’s residence on Second street, the curbing having been put in by the city in accordance with its offer of last year. Theodore Weiland’s residence property is supplied with the walks. And James McHale’s will be improved by a front walk and cement step.

125 Years Ago: From the May 26, 1899 Shakopee Tribune

J. C. Marx has rented that part of the How Block now temporarily occupied by J. McMullen. He will move by July 1st and greatly increase his stock of jewelry.

100 Years Ago: From the May 30, 1924 Shakopee Argus

William Spoerner is remodeling the former grist mill on his property better known as the Durose place in East Shakopee, into a modern house. With the present scarcity of desirable homes to rent Mr. Spoerner’s action will meet with unanimous approval.

100 Years Ago: From the May 29, 1924 Shakopee Tribune

Work on the St. Paul House, which Hubert Nyssen is remodeling for the new proprietors, Schmidt and Lane, is nearing completion. Mr. Schmidt informed us that while the remodeling would not be entirely completed for another week, they expect to be in a position to serve meals next Monday.

75 Years Ago: From the May 26, 1949 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Installs New Switch Panel

Sometime within the next 60 days, barring unforeseen trouble, the electrical energy that flows into the homes, industrial plants and shops of Shakopee, will be passing through the new $13,000 switchboard equipment in the municipal power station.

Robert Houts, city electrician, who for the past two weeks has been painstakingly assembling the intricate units, said Tuesday that if everything goes well the switchover will be made without a break in service or the consumers being aware of the change…

75 Years Ago: From the May 26, 1949 Shakopee Valley News

Field Trials To Be Held Here This Weekend

Shakopee will be host to the spring trials of the Minnesota Field Trial Association Saturday and Sunday when over 150 retriever dogs throughout the nation will be shown in the field.

Trial grounds will be along Highway 101, three miles east of Shakopee, with local headquarters at the St. Paul House. The object of the trial, which is one of a limited number held annually under license from the American Kennel Club, is to test a dog’s ability to retrieve game birds upon command of his hander under similated hunting conditions…

50 Years Ago: From the May 29, 1974 Shakopee Valley News

Co. Rd. 17 project misses federal aid; some hopes remain

Shakopee’s efforts to get federal assistance on the Co. Rd 17 project appear to have failed for now according to reports given at Tuesday night’s city council Meeting.

City administrator Bill Fahey and city engineer Doug Gorieski told members of the council that Shakopee’s project was not among those designated to receive funds.

They added, however, that Co. Rd. 17 could be on a new list of federally assisted projects to be released late this summer…

25 Years Ago: From the May 27, 1999 Shakopee Valley News

Ventura signs bill allowing card club at Canterbury Park

Horses won’t be the only things to bet on at Canterbury Park.

Gov. Jesse Ventura on Monday signed a bill allowing the creation of a card club at the Shakopee horse racing track. Under a bill approved by the state Legislature, Canterbury is authorized to install up to 50 tables for up to seven persons per table to play poker against one another. The opening ante is limited to $15 with raises capped at $30. The track will collect a percentage of the bets and allocate part of that toward larger purses for live racing…

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Remember When

Remember When – May 18, 2024

150 Years Ago: From the May 21, 1874 Shakopee Argus

A large amount of new material arrived this week for the Shakopee Soap Factory. Prosperous business, and a good article of soap.

125 Years Ago: From the May 18, 1899 Scott County Argus

A new lawn mower is whirring away on the spacious lawn of the Court House, and as the inventors have not yet gotten lawn mowers into the automobile class it takes muscle to make it whirr, said muscle being furnished by Janitor Gentgen. The plot is large enough to make the race interesting between the mower and the growing grass, the latter getting a good start at one end before the mower has reached the other. But the improvement effected by the mower is worth the effort.

125 Years Ago: From the May 19, 1899 Shakopee Tribune

Alex Schaefer has had his barroom repapered this week. C. L. Wilcox did the work. He also put a new plate glass windows pane in the front.

100 Years Ago: From the May 23, 1924 Shakopee Argus

Shakopee Base Ball Season Opens Memorial Day

The Shakopee Base Ball ass’n will open its 1924 season at Riverside Park on Memorial Day afternoon, on the fastest diamond in the Minnesota Valley before a brand new grandstand with a seating capacity of 800 people, with the fastest lineup of semi-pros in the northwest…

100 Years Ago: From the May 22, 1924 Shakopee Tribune

E. G. Dahl has improved the appearance of his store by taking out the partition which had been a part of the front window. The removal of this frame work brightens the interior of the store considerably and gives a complete view of the interior of the store from the outside.

75 Years Ago: From the May 19, 1949 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

State Objects to New City Signs

Objection to the city’s erecting of signs within the city limits along highways leading into Shakopee has been raised by employees of the state highway department, it was learned.

In a recent action the City Council authorized the making and placing of four massive signs fixing the speed rate through Shakopee, and urging motorists to be considerate of the lives and limbs of Shakopee children.

The signs, eight feet square, are now being completed by Ed Fonnier, and the posts upon which they will be mounted have been set at the east and west city limits on First street, north of the Lewis street bridge and on South Lewis street.

According to Pat Thielen, police chief, who directed the placing of the signs, the state’s principal objection is that the city’s signs will detract from the effectiveness of those placed by the state highway department.

75 Years Ago: From the May 19, 1949 Shakopee Valley News

St. Mary’s Pupil Is World Affairs Leader

An eighth grade pupil at St. Mary’s school, Shakopee, was one of the major winners in the recent World Affairs contest sponsored by a Twin City newspaper.

The winner was Mary Pearson who made the highest score of any pupil in her grade among the 223 schools that entered the competition. She made her score in the qualifying tests on April 22.

She was awarded a set of the Columbia Encyclopedia, the school was given a copy of Webster’s New International Dictionary, and her teacher, Sister Nicolette, was presented with a copy of “Mirror For Man”.

Her high qualifying score permitted Mary to compete in the finals in Minneapolis this week.

50 Years Ago: From the May 22, 1974 Shakopee Valley News

Midland glass has new bottle

Midland Glass Company, Inc. announces the first commercial use of Midland’s plaswrap concept.

Coca-coal USA has commenced bottling a new 64 ounce capacity plastic coated glass container at their New England bottling facility.

The bottle consists of glass with a coating of Dupont’s Clear Surlyn Ionomer resin and is pre-labeled.

25 Years Ago: From the May 20, 1999 Shakopee Valley News

Pool to undergo more testing

Two weeks after the Shakopee City Council voted to close the municipal for the summer due to a consultant’s concerns about health risks, councilors voted Tuesday night to make a last-ditch attempt to open the facility.

The council voted unanimously to begin testing the water in the pool to determine the efficiency of the sand-bottom pool’s circulation and filtration systems. The city plans to fill the pool next week and then test the water quality for a week. Meanwhile, the city will obtain a second cost estimate for a chlorinator. AquaLogic, an Eden Prairie company, proposed a chlorinator system for $24,940 – just below the state-mandated threshold that would require the city to seek a competitive bid. After the first week of testing, the city will install a new chlorinator and test the water for a second week…

Interested in local history? Find even more at the Shakopee Heritage Society website.

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