Remember When

Remember When – April 30, 2022

A look back at what happened in Shakopee history. You may also find this column in the Shakopee Valley News.

125 Years Ago: From the May 6, 1897 Scott County Argus

Wm. Pinger has removed to the Yost place west of town, and will engage in market gardening. There are ten acres well tilled in the plot.

100 Years Ago: From the May 4, 1922 Shakopee Tribune

New Business to Be Opened May 10th

Peter A. Rademacher, who has been in the employ of Henry Mergens for the past three years, is opening a shop in the Philipp building and will conduct an up-to-date Auto Radiator Repair Shop and will also do Tinsmith and general repair work.

Mr. Rademacher has had about 15 years experience in his work and is well qualified and should make good. He announces that his new shop will be open and ready for business about May 10th.

75 Years Ago: From the May 1, 1947 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Power Disrupted As Shovel Boom Snags High Line

To most folks who were aware of it the brief electric power failure here at 8:15 last Thursday morning was just a slight inconvenience that was promptly remedied; but to the crew of the Fox and Weiler excavating outfit the matter was serious business.

While using their gas shovel to excavate a trench in West Shakopee, the towering boom of the shovel came in contact with a 2,300-volt transmission line overhead, cutting one of the “loaded” wires.

Sparks flew and hair stood on end at the thought of what might have happened to the shovel operator if the current had grounded through the machine. Fortunately the ends of the broken wire lashed away from the shovel and workmen, and no one was hurt.

50 Years Ago: From the May 3, 1972 Shakopee Valley News

Dr. Buck Becomes First Honorary Staff Member

Dr. H. F. Buck, M. D., was made an honorary member of the staff of St. Francis Hospital in a ceremony held at the hospital Monday evening, April 24.

Dr. Buck is the first member of the Honorary Medical Staff, a category which was recently established by a revision of the medical staff bylaws…

25 Years Ago: From the May 1, 1997 Shakopee Valley News

Work on Co. Rd. 18 resumes

Construction resumed last week on the widening of County Road 18, from County Road 42 to the Shakopee Bypass.

The project, in Shakopee and Prior Lake, is scheduled for completion by September after being delayed in court by residents who reside along the road and oppose the plans.

Plans call for the section at County Road 18 from County Road 42 to just past County Road 16 to be a divided highway with curbs and gutters, then become a rural section road without curbs and gutters.

Reconstruction and realignment of County Road 18 started last fall with clearing and construction of the roadway embankment in the project area north of County Road 16. A retaining wall has also been constructed along a section of County Road 18 between the west and east section of County Road 16.

The contractor has resumed work on the roadway embankment construction and installation of drainage area curbs north of County Road 16. Workers will be placing aggregate base before pouring the concrete curb and gutter and paving the roadway in the area.

Remember When

Remember When – April 23, 2022

A look back at what happened in Shakopee history. You may also find this column in the Shakopee Valley News.

125 Years Ago: From the April 29, 1897 Scott County Argus

Geo. Demerse is improving his residence property by surrounding the two lots with a fancy board fence which when painted will add much to the appearance of the home.

100 Years Ago: From the April 27, 1922 Shakopee Tribune

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dellwo and family are moving into the garage on their premises, where they will live this summer, while building their new home.

75 Years Ago: From the April 24, 1947 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Wage Question Halts Building

Work on construction of a large warehouse for Northrup-King and company here was halted Tuesday as a result of a wage scale dispute between S. M. Hennen, contractor, and representatives of a Minneapolis AFL building trades local, it was learned.

Six Shakopee residents were employed on the job which had just got under way when the difficulty arose. The men, not members of a union, had agreed to do common labor for … cents per hour.

According to Hennen the representatives of the union which, under agreement with the General Contractors association, has jurisdiction over five counties, including Scott county, reported that the common … scale be increased to $1.15 per hour on the Shakopee project to … with that in effect in Minneapolis and of other similar building construction jobs…

50 Years Ago: From the April 26, 1972 Shakopee Valley News

Ground will be broken at noon Sunday, May 7, for construction of a new church for the Shakopee Assemblies of God congregation, according to pastor Rev. David Buschow. Scheduled to speak at brief on-site ceremonies are Fred A. Weiland, president of the Shakopee First National Bank, and Ray Foslid, Mayor. The building … will be the first phase of a two-stage construction program on the 4 ½ acre site owned by the congregation since 1967. It will face Tenth Avenue when the street is extended to the east, near the intersection with the Sand and Gravel Pit Road. The Assemblies of God Church has been located in the church building at 715 East First Avenue in Shakopee since its local beginning in 1953. Pastor Buschow said the new church would have a capacity of 180, and would also have facilities in a walk-out lower level for Sunday School and educational activities. Eventually, the first stage of construction will become an educational building, with a separate sanctuary to be constructed at a later time. The building is scheduled for completion by December of this year.

25 Years Ago: From the April 24, 1997 Shakopee Valley News

Contract OK’d for fire hall construction

After reviewing 10 bids, the Shakopee City Council awarded the contract for construction of a second fire station James Steele Construction Co., of St. Paul, which had the low bid of $2.3 million.

Bids ranged as high as $2.5 million. Steele’s base bid of $2.3 million, plus eight alternate bids increases the total contract amount to be awarded to $2.4 million. Construction will begin within the next few weeks and completion is scheduled for early 1998.

The eight alternate bids include a $3,800 bell stand to house the original 1860 fire house bell and a $5,200 fire pole…

The council also voted to authorize the issuance and sale of $3.4 million in general obligation building bonds to finance the construction of the fire station.

Remember When

Remember When – April 16, 2022

A look back at what happened in Shakopee history. You may also find this column in the Shakopee Valley News.

125 Years Ago: From the April 22, 1897 Scott County Argus

Nic Dondelinger’s saloon was thrown open last Monday, in the Thole building, and the “temperance billiard hall” was opened in the Jos. Voelker building alongside, the same day. “The Exchange,” run by Hickey & Arensbach, began business under license number 15, the day following.

100 Years Ago: From the April 20, 1922 Shakopee Tribune

Ed V. Mertz to Be Manager of Ball Team

At a committee meeting of the Board of Managers held last Sunday afternoon, Ed V. Mertz was chosen manager of the baseball team for this season.

This will be pleasing news to Shakopee baseball fans. It is a well known fact that Ed is highly qualified for this position. He suggests that local players, who wish to try out for the team should get in touch with him and arrange to practice in the par just as soon as the weather will permit.

75 Years Ago: From the April 17, 1947 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Telephone Strike in Second Week as Deadlock Holds

Now in its second week, the nationwide strike of telephone workers continues to further impress a foot-weary public, just how dependent business and organized society are on telephone service.

Although emergency service has been maintained by a small corps of supervisory employees here and throughout the vast regions affected by the strike, it appeared likely early this week that restoration of normal service could not be expected in the immediate future…

50 Years Ago: From the April 19, 1972 Shakopee Valley News

School Land Bond Issue Defeated

717 No, 399 Yes…

An attempt to preserve land for future junior high school construction south and west of the present Shakopee Senior High site failed Tuesday, as voters turned thumbs down on a bond issue request by the school board for funds to purchase the property.

A total of 1117 voters went to the Junior High band room to cast their ballots. Of that total, only 399 voted for the issue and 717 voted no…

25 Years Ago: From the April 17, 1997 Shakopee Valley News

School start-times may change

High school would begin 20 minutes later

A proposal to alter school start times and transportation arrangements was presented to the Shakopee School Board at Monday night’s meeting.

Superintendent Bob Ostlund presented the proposal that had been drawn up with the help of Shakopee Services, the transportation company that handles the district’s busing. In the proposal, the first bus run would transport senior high, junior high and Shakopee Area Catholic School junior high students to their respective schools. The high school start time would be moved back almost a half hour to 7:50 a.m. with a release time of 2:30 p.m. The junior high start time would be 8 a.m. with a 2:40 p.m. release time.

The second bus run would transport Central School and SACS first- through fifth-grade students to their respective schools. Central Elementary would then start at 8:40 a.m., with a 3:15 p.m. release time.

The third and final run would transport Pearson and Sweeney elementary school students for a 9:15 a.m. start time with a 3:50 p.m. release time.

Ostlund said one of the reasons for the change in transportation schedules and school start times is due to the “sheer imbalance of numbers of students being transported to the elementary school.”

Remember When

Remember When – April 9, 2022

A look back at what happened in Shakopee history. You may also find this column in the Shakopee Valley News.

125 Years Ago: From the April 15, 1897 Scott County Argus

Reis Bros. took out a building permit Tuesday evening for their new livery barn. The new portion is to be 27×60, and the old part will go up two stories in height, with the new.

100 Years Ago: From the April 13, 1922 Shakopee Tribune

M. J. Berens & Sons Redecorate Store

M. J. Berens and Sons store has been completely renovated the past few weeks and at present is a credit to our enterprising little city.

New shelving has been installed and the entire interior of the store has been redecorated, giving it a very inviting and pleasing appearance.

The arrangement of their window display is deserving of much credit and compares favorably with the large department stores of the cities.

M. J. Berens and Sons are enterprising merchants, who aim to progress steadily.

75 Years Ago: From the April 10, 1947 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Firemen Plan Purchase of Lung Device

Shakopee and its surrounding community will be among the first in the state to possess a portable iron lung if plans under way by the Shakopee Fire department materialize, H. J. Pass, fire chief, announced this week…

50 Years Ago: From the April 12, 1972 Shakopee Valley News

Vote on School Land Purchase Tuesday

Light Turnout Expected…

School District 720 voters will be asked to authorize the sale of $290,000 in a special bond issue election to be held Tuesday, April 18…

The amount being requested by the Shakopee Board of Education is $290,000. It will be used primarily to purchase land adjacent to the present Senior High School site, although a sizeable amount would be utilized in making improvements in present senior high facilities, such as playing fields, to prepare for the increased student load at that building when junior high students begin attending classes there next fall when split shifts are initiated.

If successful, the school board will purchase approximately 58 acres of land south and west of the 27 acres now occupied by the Senior High School, for a total campus of 85 acres. This acreage is minimal for two 1500 student schools, according to in-guidelines received by the board from the state Department of Education…

25 Years Ago: From the April 10, 1997 Shakopee Valley News

Council votes 3-2 to close Fuller Street

The Shakopee City Council Tuesday night voted 3-2, with Councilors Jane DuBois and Clete Link dissenting, to prepare a resolution to vacate Fuller Street between Fourth and Fifth avenues for a county justice center.

The decision followed a second public hearing held earlier in the evening. The decision also came after a series of meetings and protests by county and city officials and neighbors. The county requested the closure of the street to continue plans for a justice center campus surrounding the courthouse in Shakopee. County officials contend they need to connect the current courthouse with a new building at a single entrance on Fuller Street.

Remember When

Remember When – April 2, 2022

A look back at what happened in Shakopee history. You may also find this column in the Shakopee Valley News.

125 Years Ago: From the April 8, 1897 Scott County Argus

Jack Frost is frequently a mischief maker. One of his latest pranks was the upsetting of a pile of wood at the foot of the alley at the rear of Jos. Nachtsheim’s bakery. There was a lot of the wood, and it was piled eight feet high, and when it came tumbling down upon Aug. Scherkenbach’s cutter, it put an end to that vehicle about as effectually as the hundred year’s wear did the memorable “one-hoss shay.”

100 Years Ago: From the April 6, 1922 Shakopee Tribune

Business Change

C. D. McKinnon of River Falls, Wis., this week purchased from Fred Stelten, the pool room and soft drink parlor owned and conducted by him for several years. Mr. McKinnon took possession Monday.

Mr. McKinnon owned and managed an up-to-date hotel at River Falls for the past twelve years. He states that he will rearrange the pool hall and replace the old tables that are now in use with new ones.

Mr. Stelten has no definite plans for the future, however, it is hoped, he will decide to remain in this city.

75 Years Ago: From the April 3, 1947 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Shakopee Corn Field Gets Cover Spot on Seed Trade Paper

The fame of Shakopee as a seed corn growing center was spread far and wide this week with the distribution of the widely circulated trade journal, “Seed World” which on its cover carried an aerial photo of a 100-acre seed corn field developed by Leo Huss under an acreage contract with Northrup King and Company last year.

A beautiful view of the river bottom and west of Shakopee, the picture’s focal point is the … striped cornfield with its alternate rows of male and female corn.

Describing the picture is this legend:

“One of Northrup King and Company’s 100-acre hybrid seed corn production fields on the Minnesota river bottoms near Shakopee where … is ideal…”

50 Years Ago: From the April 5, 1972 Shakopee Valley News

Petition Asking Repeal of NSP Franchise Ordinance Is Filed

May Result in Referendum…

A city-granted franchise to Northern States Power may be submitted to the citizens of Shakopee in a referendum if a petition circulated by Martin Walsh, former city assessor and secretary to the Shakopee Public Utilities Commission, is found to have enough valid signatures. That petition has been filed.

Others on the Referendum Committee which circulated the petition were Joseph A. Whelan, Marceline Hickman, R. W. Jasper, Agnes F. Horeish, Melvin P. Lebens and Suzanne Goodspeed.

Walsh initiated the petition as a result of his belief that Ordinance No. 337, which granted NSP permission to furnish electric service to some firms in the City of Shakopee, would result in a conflict between NSP and the Shakopee Public Utilities Commission over service areas and would eventually lead to a complete NSP monopoly of electric service in Shakopee…

25 Years Ago: From the April 3, 1997 Shakopee Valley News

Site visit of SJHS is second phase of Blue Ribbon selection process

On Thursday and Friday, Dr. Brian Metke, superintendent of the Glendale School District in Glendale, Ore., will be on campus at Shakopee Junior High School in the second phase of the National Schools of Excellence Blue Ribbon Schools selection process.

Shakopee Junior High School was accepted for a site visit after submitting a 41-page self-nomination. The purpose of Metke’s visit is to verify information in the nomination…