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Remember When – Sept. 4, 2021

A look back at what happened in Shakopee history. You may also find this column in the Shakopee Valley News.

125 Years Ago: From the Sept. 10, 1896 Scott County Argus

The advantages of acetyline, the new illuminating gas, have been set forth during the week by a representative of the Buffington automatic generator, and two firms, Deutsch & Zettel, druggists, and P. J. Schwartz, general merchandise, have contracted for the lights. Being in the same business block they will need but one generator, and from this, at a cost of ½ cent an hour for each burner, their stores will be as brilliantly lighted as a full fledged electric light plant could do it. The drug store will use six burners, and Schwartz’s store, eight. The light is clear and intense, and almost as penetrating as solar light. It will cast a shadow on an incandescent lamp of ordinary power, and beside it an oil lamp looks like a glow worm. Four burners have been running in the Globe Hotel windows each evening, and the light casts a shadow more than half a block away. Four distinct shadows are thrown from an object in the street in front. Unless there are some deteriorating features not yet made known acetyline gas is a winner in towns where electricity has not made its way. The local firms mentioned received their outfit yesterday, and the piping will be done by Saturday.

100 Years Ago: From the Sept. 8, 1921 Shakopee Tribune

Ralph Warner has purchased a home from Mrs. Mary Doody on Fifth Street and will take immediate possession.

75 Years Ago: From the Sept. 5, 1946 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Getting New Front

A new front is being placed in the Gamble store here. Work on the project began this week with the removal of the old entries and plate glass. When complete the front will have a single center entry to the store instead of two corner entries. New display windows and stages are included in the improvement plans.

50 Years Ago: From the Sept. 8, 1971 Shakopee Valley News

Depot No Longer Needed…

The fate of Shakopee’s railroad depot owned by Chicago-Northwestern Railroad Company will be decided in the next several months by the Public Service Commission. The railroad company is asking permission from the commission to abandon the Shakopee depot and utilize a consolidated station in the Valley Industrial Park area. A public hearing is slated for 10 a.m., Thursday, Sept. 9, in the Public Service Commission’s office to hear pro’s and con’s on the move.

25 Years Ago: From the Sept. 5, 1996 Shakopee Valley News

Shakopee to be among top-growing school districts

School districts in Shakopee, Chaska and Prior Lake are expected to be among the top 10 in enrollment growth in the next two years, according to the Metropolitan Council.

In a report released last week, the Met Council said that while some school district in the outer-ring schools and those in Minneapolis and St. Paul will experience significant growth in enrollment, other districts, mostly in the inner-ring of suburbs, will show a decline…

Lakeville, with a 1994-95 enrollment of 6,790, is expected to be the fastest-growing school district, increasing by 1,875 students by the 1997-98 school year, or by about 27.6 percent. Chaska is second on the list, with its current enrollment of 5,436 expected to mushroom by 1,219 students, an increase of 22.4 percent. Shakopee is eighth on the list, with its 1994-95 enrollment of 2,941 expected to grow by 383 students, an increase of 13 percent. Prior Lake-Savage completed the list, with its 3,840 enrollment expected to grow by 352, an increase of 9.2 percent.

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