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Remember When – May 18, 2024

150 Years Ago: From the May 21, 1874 Shakopee Argus

A large amount of new material arrived this week for the Shakopee Soap Factory. Prosperous business, and a good article of soap.

125 Years Ago: From the May 18, 1899 Scott County Argus

A new lawn mower is whirring away on the spacious lawn of the Court House, and as the inventors have not yet gotten lawn mowers into the automobile class it takes muscle to make it whirr, said muscle being furnished by Janitor Gentgen. The plot is large enough to make the race interesting between the mower and the growing grass, the latter getting a good start at one end before the mower has reached the other. But the improvement effected by the mower is worth the effort.

125 Years Ago: From the May 19, 1899 Shakopee Tribune

Alex Schaefer has had his barroom repapered this week. C. L. Wilcox did the work. He also put a new plate glass windows pane in the front.

100 Years Ago: From the May 23, 1924 Shakopee Argus

Shakopee Base Ball Season Opens Memorial Day

The Shakopee Base Ball ass’n will open its 1924 season at Riverside Park on Memorial Day afternoon, on the fastest diamond in the Minnesota Valley before a brand new grandstand with a seating capacity of 800 people, with the fastest lineup of semi-pros in the northwest…

100 Years Ago: From the May 22, 1924 Shakopee Tribune

E. G. Dahl has improved the appearance of his store by taking out the partition which had been a part of the front window. The removal of this frame work brightens the interior of the store considerably and gives a complete view of the interior of the store from the outside.

75 Years Ago: From the May 19, 1949 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

State Objects to New City Signs

Objection to the city’s erecting of signs within the city limits along highways leading into Shakopee has been raised by employees of the state highway department, it was learned.

In a recent action the City Council authorized the making and placing of four massive signs fixing the speed rate through Shakopee, and urging motorists to be considerate of the lives and limbs of Shakopee children.

The signs, eight feet square, are now being completed by Ed Fonnier, and the posts upon which they will be mounted have been set at the east and west city limits on First street, north of the Lewis street bridge and on South Lewis street.

According to Pat Thielen, police chief, who directed the placing of the signs, the state’s principal objection is that the city’s signs will detract from the effectiveness of those placed by the state highway department.

75 Years Ago: From the May 19, 1949 Shakopee Valley News

St. Mary’s Pupil Is World Affairs Leader

An eighth grade pupil at St. Mary’s school, Shakopee, was one of the major winners in the recent World Affairs contest sponsored by a Twin City newspaper.

The winner was Mary Pearson who made the highest score of any pupil in her grade among the 223 schools that entered the competition. She made her score in the qualifying tests on April 22.

She was awarded a set of the Columbia Encyclopedia, the school was given a copy of Webster’s New International Dictionary, and her teacher, Sister Nicolette, was presented with a copy of “Mirror For Man”.

Her high qualifying score permitted Mary to compete in the finals in Minneapolis this week.

50 Years Ago: From the May 22, 1974 Shakopee Valley News

Midland glass has new bottle

Midland Glass Company, Inc. announces the first commercial use of Midland’s plaswrap concept.

Coca-coal USA has commenced bottling a new 64 ounce capacity plastic coated glass container at their New England bottling facility.

The bottle consists of glass with a coating of Dupont’s Clear Surlyn Ionomer resin and is pre-labeled.

25 Years Ago: From the May 20, 1999 Shakopee Valley News

Pool to undergo more testing

Two weeks after the Shakopee City Council voted to close the municipal for the summer due to a consultant’s concerns about health risks, councilors voted Tuesday night to make a last-ditch attempt to open the facility.

The council voted unanimously to begin testing the water in the pool to determine the efficiency of the sand-bottom pool’s circulation and filtration systems. The city plans to fill the pool next week and then test the water quality for a week. Meanwhile, the city will obtain a second cost estimate for a chlorinator. AquaLogic, an Eden Prairie company, proposed a chlorinator system for $24,940 – just below the state-mandated threshold that would require the city to seek a competitive bid. After the first week of testing, the city will install a new chlorinator and test the water for a second week…

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