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Remember When – Jan. 13, 2024

150 Years Ago: From the Jan. 15, 1874 Shakopee Argus

Twenty teams a day come to our market loaded with wheat. The Elevator is receiving about one thousand bushels of wheat each day, and it all goes as No. 1. At Shakopee wheat is bringing about ten cents a bushel more than at any other market within twenty miles.

125 Years Ago: From the Jan. 19, 1899 Scott County Argus

The change of the week in business circles was the admission by Fred P. Lauer of Henry C. Kohls as a partner in his shoe business. An experience of a year convinced Mr. Lauer that he could not give both the sales department and the repair work of his growing trade sufficient attention alone, even though he gave up every moment of his waking hours to the work. The admission of Mr. Kohls into the firm will be a direct benefit to the business and Mr. Lauer personally. Both are young men of integrity and worth in business circles and in every way worthy of success. Mr. Kohls has been employed for several years past as a clerk in his father’s firm, the old established Kohls & Berens, general merchants, and hence carries a good deal of experience with him into his new departure.

125 Years Ago: From the Jan. 13, 1899 Shakopee Tribune

About twenty loads of lumber were conveyed by team yesterday from the depot to Marystown for Geo. H. Theis, who intends to erect a large barn at once.

100 Years Ago: From the Jan. 17, 1924 Shakopee Tribune

Shakopee’s Birth Rate Considerably Increased

The best evidence of the growth of a city is in its birth rate. The statistics for 1923 show that there were fifty-five new arrivals from Babyland in Shakopee during 1923.

This is an increase of twenty-three percent above the highest number of births heretofore recorded in Shakopee during one year.

100 Years Ago: From the Jan. 18, 1924 Shakopee Argus

Mrs. Matt Vierling has entered a contest put on by a Minneapolis paper for an automobile and her friends are all hoping that she will prove the lucky one to win it.

75 Years Ago: From the Jan. 13, 1949 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Complete 800-ft. Stretch of Sewer in East Shakopee

Beating the frost and the usual spring floods, the Griffith Engineering and Construction company has completed the laying of 800 feet of 12-inch sewer line and the construction of three manholes in the lowland north of First street in East Shakopee…

75 Years Ago: From the Jan. 13, 1949 Shakopee Valley News

Cooked Spuds Almost Available Tuesday

Potatoes, roasted in the sack, were almost available in limited quantities here Tuesday afternoon when the Shakopee Fire Department was called to extinguish a fire in a truck loaded with spuds, parked on the main business district. The truck, owned by Thomas Thompson, St. Paul, was parked in front of Burshek’s when a kerosene heater tipped over. Little damage resulted.

50 Years Ago: From the Jan. 16, 1974 Shakopee Valley News

Kawasaki plant nears completion

The new Kawasaki building neared completion this week as workmen put the finishing touches on front offices. Office employees of the new research and development center were expected to move in shortly. In the rear of the building are research and testing facilities which are expected to be completed next month. The seven test rooms will be equipped to test snowmobile engines under a wide range of conditions. Kawasaki is the first Japanese company to build in Minnesota. The plant is located in Valley Industrial Park.

25 Years Ago: From the Jan. 14, 1999 Shakopee Valley News

Enrollment projected to surge

New school may be needed soon

Enrollment in Shakopee Schools could increase by more than 73 percent over the next 10 years, with a tremendous surge in kindergarten students expected next year.

This and other information provided by the annual census and enrollment projection for the school district spurred discussion among School Board members Monday. The data, based on a mathematical model which uses census and enrollment figures from the past five years to predict future enrollment trends, was presented by Ron Ward, administrative services director…

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