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Remember When – Dec. 2, 2023

125 Years Ago: From the Dec. 8, 1898 Scott County Argus

Mrs. Baker, of the Union schools, is an industrious and talented little lady. Not content with winning her way into the hearts of all her pupils and the esteem of parents and fellow teachers by doing some of the best grade work seen in the Shakopee schools, she employs a part of her spare time in writing. This week she received a check for $50.00 from the Youth’s Companion, of Boston, for a little story entitled “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.”

100 Years Ago: From the Dec. 6, 1923 Shakopee Tribune

Improvements in P. O. Building

W. E. Redman and Charles Bierbaum, owners of the building in which the local postoffice is located, recently made extensive improvements in the building.

In making these improvements they had a new door put in the North side of the building about eight feet West of the old door which has now been closed. The partition in the building separating the working space of the rural carriers from the post office proper, has been removed and the rear of the building generally repaired and closed to prevent all outside exposure. This change will give the rural carriers and all other postal employees about twenty square feet additional working space.

The entrance to the basement was also changed and the washroom remodeled.

75 Years Ago: From the Dec. 2, 1948 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Cafe Building Sold, VFW Club Has First Floor

In a real estate transfer expected to be completed soon, Earl Ploumen will become the owner of the former Shakopee Cafe building on East Second street.

Ploumen said Tuesday that an earnest money contract had been executed last week between himself and Otto C. Siems, owner of the cafe building, and that the entire first floor of the structure had been leased to the Shakopee VFW post.

The second floor apartment, formerly occupied by the Leonard Siebenaler family, is now tenanted by the Ed Ploumen family who moved there from the house now owned by the Soconny Vacuum company at First and Atwood streets. The Siebenalers have taken an apartment over the Blue Inn cafe…

50 Years Ago: From the Dec. 5, 1973 Shakopee Valley News

Correctional institute asks for new building

A request for a new activities building on the grounds of the Minnesota Correctional Institution for Women in Shakopee was formally presented to State legislators visiting here last week.

The proposed half million dollar building was part of a list of new construction and major repairs requested for the institution by administrator Ms. D. Jacqueline Fleming…

25 Years Ago: From the Dec. 3, 1998 Shakopee Valley News

Plan to shift fourth-graders sparks debate

Some would attend new school

A proposal to move selected fourth-graders to the new elementary school next fall sparked a debate among Shakopee School Board members Monday.

After more than an hour of intense dialogue, the board voted 4-3 to accept the administrative recommendation, which will bring certain fourth-grade students from Sweeney and Pearson elementary schools to a facility previously set aside for fifth- and sixth-graders. In planning for the elementary school construction project, district officials and a planning committee included space for the addition of grades, if necessary…

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