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Remember When – Aug. 5, 2023

125 Years Ago: From the Aug. 11, 1898 Scott County Argus

John Goenen is building a new house on one of his lots on the “river bottoms.” The structure will be 12 ½x16 ½ feet in dimensions, a story and a half high.

100 Years Ago: From the Aug. 9, 1923 Shakopee Tribune

Two Business Changes Here

P. A. Rademacher Buys Neubeiser Shop. Fred Wessel Sells His Business.

A local business deal, which has been pending for several days, was culminated last Tuesday when Peter A. Rademacher purchased the tinning and plumbing business owned and operated by Max L. Neubeiser. Mr. Rademacher will move his stock and equipment form his old location in the Philipp building to the Mergens building where Mr. Neubeiser has been located. He will conduct a heating, plumbing and tinning business in his new location. He will begin moving his equipment immediately…

75 Years Ago: From the Aug. 5, 1948 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

To Propose High School District Plan

Reorganization of Scott county’s 67 school districts into four large districts along high school area lines will be the basic recommendation in a tentative report being prepared by the county school survey committee, it was learned.

Meeting in regular monthly session at the court house Tuesday night the committee reviewed the findings of the survey it had just completed and drafted the outline of the report to be completed by Sept. 1…

50 Years Ago: From the Aug. 8, 1973 Shakopee Valley News

IDS Properties Moves Closer to Sale in Valley Industrial Park

IDS Properties neared the final step in gaining clear title to their land in Valley Industrial Park Tuesday before the City Council.

The investment corporation has virtually completed its legal hassles which began after IDS acquired the land several years ago…

IDS recently succeeded in getting a court order demanding the council approve a registered land survey and preliminary plat for the site which would give IDS the clear title it needs to go ahead with the sale.

The city had originally refused to take much action because of a dispute with Midland Glass, a company located in Valley Industrial Park. Although that dispute has not been finally settled, the court issued its order favoring the proposal of IDS…

25 Years Ago: From the Aug. 6, 1998 Shakopee Valley News

If you build it…

The City of Shakopee was awarded a $50,000 grant to help purchase 10 acres on Tahpah’s west side.

The City of Shakopee Parks and Recreation Department was awarded a $50,000 grant to help purchase 10 acres of land adjacent to Tahpah Park’s west end. The land is currently in the form of cornfields.

The money will reimburse the City of Shakopee after the purchase of the 10-acre plot is approved. The land was appraised at $215,000, or $21,000 an acre, according to Mark McQuillan, Director of Shakopee Parks and Recreation. Upon approval of the environmental assessment by the Department of Natural Resources, the City of Shakopee will complete negotiations with the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The land will be obtained for $119,604, according to McQuillan. Actual cost to the city is $69,604 for the land after application of the grant money. Once the DNR has approved and the city council has accepted the deal, transferring of the deed can begin. The process could be completed by September, according to McQuillan…

The land will be used for additional parking for up to 50 cars, according to McQuillan. It is likely that the remaining acres be used to construct a pair of soccer fields that are needed in the community…

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