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Remember When – April 8, 2023

125 Years Ago: From the April 14, 1898 Scott County Argus

Street overseer Sarasen states that the work of repairing the trestle road is finished. For a distance of more than 600 feet it was necessary to build a new foundation of rock, which required the hauling of 185 loads of stone. The repairs are bound to be permanent, however, and the improvement is quite marked.

100 Years Ago: From the April 12, 1923 Shakopee Tribune

Transient Arrested for Stealing Money

Last Monday while Jack Yardine of Eagle Creek was in the B. A. Mertz place, a magazine salesman, whose name we have not learned, grabbed a roll of money from him and ran out of the door up Second Street.

Chief of Police, J. H. Ring, was notified and followed him. When the magazine salesman saw the police officer coming, he threw the money over the fence of Linus Vierling’s place. This act was witnessed by two school boys who went to look for the money and upon finding some discovered the roll to contain $60.00.

Chief Ring captured the salesman on Second Street near Holmes Street and placed him under arrest. At this writing he is in the County jail awaiting trial.

75 Years Ago: From the April 8, 1948 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Breaks Ground for New Building

Excavation work was completed this week for a 49 by 142 foot two-story garage and apartment building to be erected by Captain L. A. Ketterer on his property between the Anderson garage and the Shakopee Bakery on East First street here.

The concrete and brick-crete structure is to be fireproof throughout with concrete floors and ceilings being employed, Captain Ketterer said.

Pat of the 49-foot front will include the personal electric shop building and the first floor will provide for a garage repair shop, display room, stock room and office. The structure will extend north to attach to a warehouse already on the site…

Start of construction work and completion of the job, it was learned, depends upon the delivery of necessary material.

50 Years Ago: From the April 11, 1973 Shakopee Valley News

Reformatory Works Toward New Roles

Officials of the Minnesota Correctional Institution for Women of Shakopee see the upcoming establishment of a citizens advisory committee as a valuable aid to the rehabilitation of inmates.

The committee, proposed to a group of some 25 local residents at a recent meeting, is presently in the final planning stages, with selection of members, and initial plans to be made at a meeting April 29.

Conceived by D. Jacqueline Fleming, superintendent of the correctional institution, the committee’s general purpose will be to provide inmates with opportunities to work in the outside community: opportunities that the superintendent hopes will, in turn, improve the image that local citizens hold of the prison in their midst…

25 Years Ago: From the April 9, 1998 Shakopee Valley News

City sends help to tornado area

Like several other cities in the region, Shakopee sent a crew of workers and equipment to help the tornado-ravaged St. Peter area last week.

The city sent six workers last Friday. City Administrator Mark McNeill said the workers were paid for eight hours that day, but actually worked closer to 12 hours. On Saturday, six city workers volunteered their time and helped at the disaster site. The city also paid six workers for eight hours on Monday.

In addition, the city sent three dump trucks and three bobcats, equipment desperately needed by cleanup crews, said McNeill, who volunteered his time on Saturday…

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