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St. Mark’s School

According to the July 18, 1940 Shakopee Argus-Tribune, construction of St. Mark’s School, 305 Scott Street, began on Tuesday, July 16, 1940. Total cost of the completed school was estimated to be about $60,000.

The building originally included eight spacious (for its time) classrooms, a library, kitchenette, office, music room, storage, sick room, club/activity rooms, and “the latest in sanitation.”

The June 12, 1941 Shakopee Argus-Tribune notes that demolition of a large portion of the original St. Mark’s School, erected in 1883, occurred that summer. Part of that building was preserved and incorporated into the Sisters’ residence. The bell from the original school was relocated to a “pent house” atop the new St. Mark’s School.

The school was dedicated on Aug. 24, 1941, by His Excellency Archbishop John Gregory Murray. The building was purported to be a “masterpiece of design and modernity.” The Aug. 21, 1941 Shakopee Argus-Tribune also refers to an auditorium as part of the school building.

The school stood for nearly 80 years, being demolished on Dec. 2, 2020.

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