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Remember When – July 3, 2021

125 Years Ago: From the July 9, 1896 Scott County Argus

Yesterday J. C. Marx had five wheels in his repair shop at once on account of punctures from tacks. Carelessness on the part of decorators on the Fourth is the crime. Right-minded people will be especially careful in disposing of glass, tacks, and other rubbish now that wheeling has become so popular.

100 Years Ago: From the July 7, 1921 Shakopee Tribune

Fire started in the telephone box at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Stans yesterday forenoon, a blaze shooting out from the box which might have been serious had no one been near to extinguish it. The box was quite badly burned before it could be taken out. However no serious damage was done.

75 Years Ago: From the July 4, 1946 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Council Acts To Halt Closing of Crossings

Adopts Resolution Asking Railroad, Warehouse Commission to Modify Order Banning Traffic on Nine Street-Rail Intersections Here

A resolution asking the Minnesota Railroad and Warehouse commission “for a further hearing or an amendment or modification” of its June 18 order closing nine grade crossings of the C. St. P. M. & O. railway here was adopted by the City Council at an adjourned regular meeting last Wednesday night.

The council action, coming close on the basis of local expression of opposition to the closing of so many of the 17 grade crossings of the Omaha track on Second street, is expected to be broadly approved by local residents.

Following adoption of the resolution H. E. Flynn, city attorney, presented the document to the Commission at hearings in St. Paul Friday and Saturday with supplementary information, that, as city attorney, he would recommend to the council abandonment of the entire project if action considered favorable to the city was not forthcoming.

50 Years Ago: From the July 7, 1971 Shakopee Valley News

Commissioners Set Date for Public Hearing on Bridge Levy

A date for a public hearing on a proposed major mill levy increase for county residents to fund planning for a bridge across the Minnesota River was set by Scott County Commissioners Tuesday.

The date selected was August 24, 8 p.m., and will most likely be held at the county courthouse unless the crowd is so large another location becomes necessary.

The hearing will be conducted to explain how much the bridge planning will cost. Legislation passed in the regular session of the legislature authorizes the county to levy up to 20 mills for the bridge.

25 Years Ago: From the July 4, 1996 Shakopee Valley News

Marty resigns city attorney’s post

Karen Marty, the city attorney for Shakopee since 1990, has resigned her position effective July 12. The City Council formally accepted her resignation at its Tuesday evening meeting…

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