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Remember When – Dec. 25, 2021

A look back at what happened in Shakopee history. You may also find this column in the Shakopee Valley News.

125 Years Ago: From the Dec. 31, 1896 Scott County Argus

Head miller C. W. Newell was made the recipient at Christmas of a horse and harness presented by L. Christian of Minneapolis. Mr. Newell has purchased a fine phaeton to complete the outfit, and R. C. Newell went down yesterday and drove the equipage home.

100 Years Ago: From the Dec. 29, 1921 Shakopee Tribune

Farm Hand Skips With Employers Pocket Book

Last Monday morning Math Marschall had occasion to go to a neighbors home, and when he returned home he found that Wm. Lentz, who had been working for him as a farmhand, had left and had taken his (Mr. Marschall’s) pocketbook with him. Shakopee police were notified and J. H. Ring, local chief of police, immediately got on the trail of Lentz and caught him on the road just this side of Jordan.

Chief Ring brought Lentz back to Shakopee and he was given a hearing in municipal court. The court sentenced him to fifteen days in the county jail.

75 Years Ago: From the Dec. 26, 1946 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Experimental Test of New Snow Moving Device Due Soon

An experiment which, if successful, is expected to open a new and large field for a Shakopee industry, is scheduled to be tried by the Roto Wing company in the near future, it was learned this week.

The company, manufacturer of snow removal equipment, has designed and built a new unit for use on motor graders.

Heretofore, it was explained, the wing device was only installed on four wheel drive trucks. The new device will make it adaptable to graders now in use by counties and other road maintenance departments, giving them year-round use of their equipment.

Confident the idea is sound, the Caterpillar Tractor company of Peoria, Ill., has shipped one of their motor graders to the Roto Wing plant to have the snow wing and motor mounted on it for test purposes.

50 Years Ago: From the Dec. 28, 1971 Shakopee Valley News

Centralized Scott County License Bureau Begins to ‘Click’

Something new has been added to the procedure necessary to obtain a driver’s license, but despite the addition, the whole process of becoming a licensed driver is now simplified in Scott County.

The “something new” is the requirement passed into law by the 1971 legislature that each new or renewal license issued include a color photograph of the driver. The photograph will make it difficult to falsify a license, or allow another to use it illegally, so licenses will become a more positive form of identification.

In addition to the photograph requirement, each applicant is now required to take a vision test upon completion of the application form and payment of the fee, in an effort to eliminate drivers who cannot see well enough to drive.

The simplification of the licensing procedure in Scott County results from centralization of the licensing functions of the county into one location, which will also be the headquarters for the Driver’s License Examining Station operated by the state…

25 Years Ago: From the Dec. 26, 1996 Shakopee Valley News

Too early to rise? School start times subject of state survey

…Two years ago, the Minnesota Medical Association began advocating a later start time or high school students. According to Shakopee High School principal Jim Murphy, the position was based on research that high school-aged students performed “a litter better a little later in the day.”

To determine if there is validity in the call for an earlier start time, Shakopee and 16 other metropolitan-area school districts have been participating in a university of Minnesota study this school year. Students, their parents, and other have been asked questions relating to sleep needs of students…

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