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Remember When – Dec. 24, 2022

125 Years Ago: From the Dec. 30, 1897 Scott County Argus

Miss Minnie F. Buchanan has resigned her position as teacher in the Union Schools, on account of her health. A successor has not yet been chosen, although it is understood the Board will try to secure the services of a male teacher. As at present arranged the department in which the vacancy occurs includes the third, fourth and seventh grades.

100 Years Ago: From the Dec. 28, 1922 Shakopee Tribune

A very fine shipment of clothing was sent from this city last Friday through the American Red Cross to the suffering natives in Asia. The ladies in charge asked for one hundred garments. However through the generosity of the people of Shakopee, two hundred and fifty-eight garments, all in good condition, were received and shipped to the sufferers in a foreign land.

75 Years Ago: From the Dec. 25, 1947 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Towed Car Breaks Loose, Flows into Theatre Building

Being hauled in from an earlier accident that had cost its driver his life a car broke free from behind a tow truck and plowed into the front of the Shakopee theatre building early Saturday.

Missing only by inches the plate glass front of the Shakopee Jewelry the already wrecked car smashed several visible panels that touch the brick front of the structure, ripped off … trim and smashed the glass to a bill board.

50 Years Ago: From the Dec. 27, 1972 Shakopee Valley News

MVRP Use of Park Seen As Way to Speed Recreation Development

Shakopee Parks and Recreation Director George Muenchow said this week that he is strongly in favor of a current proposal by the Scott County Historical Society to undertake responsibility for development of Memorial Park in Shakopee…

The proposal of the Society, to have the city deed it, the park land and a large cornfield to the north, was made at an executive session of the council a few weeks ago, and at the council’s most recent meeting, city attorney Julius Coller was instructed to draw up necessary ordinances and papers. The ordinance will require two readings before it becomes effective.

If the Society is successful in its quest for more area, they will construct the planned interpretive center for the Minnesota Valley Restoration on the present park property, near the Millpond…

Memorial Park would continue to function as a park and picnic area for the residents of the Shakopee. When an increase in visitors makes the interpretive center area too congested, a picnic area will be constructed in a special park area across the millpond stream for area residents…

Completion of the center and the rest of the site is expected by 1976…

25 Years Ago: From the Dec. 25, 1997 Shakopee Valley News

Developer: Cub, retail center to open in November

Work is scheduled to begin on a Cub Foods store in Shakopee in March, according to the new developer of a shopping complex planned west of Marschall Road and south of Vierling Drive.

Cub is expected to be open by next November, at the 33-acre Crossroads Center, a planned multi-tenant retail development.

Oppidan Investment Co., Minneapolis, is taking over the development and closed the deal last week after the first developer, Shakopee Associates L.L.P., Edina, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in October.

Oppidan president Joe Ryan said the 170,000-square-foot shopping center will include a SuperAmerica, Norwest Bank and Edina Realty among other tenants. Ryan said with the change in developers, the mix of retail businesses that will fill the remaining 60,000 square feet also will change…

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