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Remember When – April 13, 2024

150 Years Ago: From the April 16, 1874 Shakopee Argus

Mr. Woodward, the party who is to build the new steam mill in Shakopee is about to commence operations. A bonus of $3,000 has been raised. The stone building known as Reis’ Mill will be enlarged, and the new mill located at that point.

125 Years Ago: From the April 13, 1899 Scott County Argus

The work of tearing down and removing the old McMullen store was begun this morning, and from that date the contractors, Aug. Woehling & Co., will push the construction of the new brick block to rapid completion.

125 Years Ago: From the April 14, 1899 Shakopee Tribune

John Hirscher is improving his residence this week by adding to it another story in height, making it now a two-story building, which will greatly improve its appearance and double the space of its living apartments.

100 Years Ago: From the April 18, 1924 Shakopee Argus

Enlarge Pelham Hotel

John J. Cavanaugh, the enterprising proprietor of the Pelham hotel, this week let the contract to Fred Rohlfs for a three floor 24 by 29 addition to be added to the hotel on the west. The new part will contain twelve rooms, eleven of which will be sleeping rooms, and the outside walls will be of cream color brick veneer to conform to the present building.

The new part will be strictly modern, Mr. Cavanaugh informs us, with steam heat and hot and cold water in the bedrooms and a drinking fountain on the second floor.

Tho entrance to the hotel will be remodeled, with a vestibule opening into the present office and a new front door replacing the one now in use. A public telephone booth will be placed on the first floor.

Work on the building will start this week and is to be completed June 10…

100 Years Ago: From the April 17, 1924 Shakopee Tribune

Stove Co. Offices to Be Moved Here

General Offices of American Range and Foundry Co. to Be Located in Shakopee

The entire management and office forces of the American Range and Foundry Co., which at present are located in Chicago and Minneapolis, will be transferred to this city. This change, which will be in effect by May 1, will make the organization local in every sense…

75 Years Ago: From the April 14, 1949 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

New Siren Under 30-Day Test Here

A new and unfamiliar note penetrated the air hereabouts Thursday noon when for the first time a modern type alarm atop the city hall was given a chance to sound its “siren call.” The unit, under test, was installed on a 30-day trial basis to determine if firemen long distances from the fire station, could better hear the pitched shriek…

The device installed last week is not directional but is so designed as to permit the sounds waves to fan out over a complete circle, and its higher pitch is believed to have greater carrying force.

75 Years Ago: From the April 14, 1949 Shakopee Valley News

Kreuser Named President Of City Council At First Meeting Tuesday

Alderman Lawrence Kreuser was named president of the Shakopee City Council when that group held their organizational meeting at the city hall Tuesday night.

Roy Schulz, third ward alderman, was named vice-president of the council. Kreuser, who served as vice-president during the past few years, succeeds Ray Siebenaler in the presiding officer’s chair. Voted on both president and vice-president were by split 5-3-1 ballots…

50 Years Ago: From the April 17, 1974 Shakopee Valley News

Shopping Center names second major tenant; faces annexation

A second major tenant for the Minnesota Valley Mall Shopping Center has been announced by Watson Centers, developers of the project.

George A. Clark and Son, a Minneapolis based wholesale distributor, has agreed to open a Promart Home and Farm Center in the shopping center which is planned to be opened in 1975…

25 Years Ago: From the April 15, 1999 Shakopee Valley News

City argues case against increase in train speeds

The city of Shakopee is making good on its promise to fight Union Pacific Railroad’s decision to increase the speeds of its trains through town. In a hearing held in St. Paul, the city argued before an administrative law judge that state and federal laws prohibit excess speeds through downtown areas.

In December, when Union Pacific told the Shakopee City Council it planned to increase the length and the speeds of its trains from 10 to 30 mph, Mayor Jon Brekke told railroad officials that the city would fight the move for safety reasons.

The Shakopee case is believed to be the first time the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has been asked to have a ruling made on such an issue. The hearing began last week and was expected to wrap up on Wednesday of this week…

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